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Somatic Play

  • Relaxation
  • Inner awareness
  • Gentle strengthening

Somatic Play is what I call my amalgam of the various body-based systems I have encountered over the years and which have influenced what and how I teach.  The somatic approach to movement frequently uses visual imagery and metaphor, to which I have always responded well.The most influential have been Ideokinesis and Mindful Movement™, Floor Barre, Nutritious Movement®, and dance. I have also dabbled in numerous others.


Within these methods of movement exploration is a desire for a deeper embodiment via interoception: explorations of how a movement feels from the inside, with awareness to the innate rhythms of the numerous body systems. Most of these practices utilize the floor to remove the pull of gravity and to create a sense of safety. Being on the floor has always been a comfort to me; with my back supported by the floor, I can rest and reset.

The videos available are simple, fundamental movements which work on integration and coordination of the limbs with the core. Some are based in developmental movement patterns; others focus on specific part of the body for more strengthening.

"I can count on one hand what I need for sustainable, joyful living: oxygen, water, food, love—and floor barre.

Dominika’s floor barre class has been an integral part of my life for almost 25 years. Dominika’s experience and expert instruction and intuition are a constant source of wonder. Her approach to the unique nuances of this class and her acute awareness of the different bodies and minds present are what make floor barre an indispensable part of my health and wellness and that of all of the clients present (the satisfied, collective sighs at the end of each class are a testament to this). Dominika changes up the curriculum as needed to keep it relevant and fresh. Her anatomical knowledge and how she imparts it is not only impressive but key to keeping me focused on present movements and mindful of future ones. She is a consummate professional dedicated to staying at the top of her craft through ongoing training and certification. 

Floor barre will remain a fundamental part of my life 1) as long as I can still lie on the floor and move; and 2) as long as Dominika is the instructor." ~ Mary Ann

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