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Pelvic Health

  • Better function
  • Less pain
  • Renewed pleasure

I have been fortunate to be able to take the health of my pelvis and pelvic floor for granted for most of my life. I was never plagued by difficult periods, had an easy pregnancy (though long pushing phase), found sex pleasurable, and managed menopause with relative ease.

However, I have a mild scoliosis, had occasional pelvic joint instability, have suffered hemorrhoids and a fissure, tore during delivery, had occasional (minor) urinary incontinence, and in post-menopause, vaginal dryness, less pleasure with sex, itching, skin tearing and, most recently, VIN3 (pre-cancerous cells of the vulva) which required surgery.

As both a student of movement and an educator, I have consistently worked to align the pelvis, engage the pelvic floor and maintain strength and flexibility of all the muscles of the hip and core. However, a critical pieces was missing: the ability to release the pelvic floor and keep it relaxed.


The videos available on my classes page are wonderful for daily practice. They can be a fantastic reset after long trips and are essential when we are steeped in stress. The blog posts are both educational and personal as I have realized just how frequently women's pelvic health issues are ignored and how important it is, as with all medical needs, to be your own advocate.

For a more in-depth discussion of my recent personal experience with pelvic floor physical therapy, read my recent blog post here.

"Dominika has helped me with pelvic and sacrum issues following radiation treatment over the last several weeks. She taught me pain management moves as well. It is wonderful to do this with her through Zoom and then have the recordings to continue my practice through the week." ~ Mary

Pelvic Floor - Vitality for Life workshop

Saturday April 24 2-3:30pm PST

Rent or download the video recording. Click the image.

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