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Moving with the 


  • Better breathing
  • Improved mobility
  • More ease in daily life

I was introduced to this work in 1997, while performing and teaching ballet and modern dance. Within a few sessions I began to notice a powerful change in my balance, coordination and endurance, as well as a lessening of the limitations of my scoliosis. My own training sessions were a highlight of my week, as I left feeling taller, more aligned and energized. It was then I decided I wanted to become a teacher of this system and share its' delights. 

Created by visionary Juliu Horvath, this method embraces the body's natural spirals as its' foundation for movement. Culled from observing animals in nature, from the dynamic motions found in swimming, the martial arts, gymnastics, dance and yoga, and explorations of Kundalini yoga and pranayama, the guiding movement principles systematically open, align and reinvigorate the body and mind. It's fantastic practice for dynamically reorganizing the body's soft tissues, in particular fascia, allowing for more vertical uprightness and fluid gait. The method can be gentle or physically challenging, depending on your needs. 

GYROTONIC® practice utilizes specially designed equipment to support the body in exploring these natural spirals. Designed with constant resistance, you can explore the full ranges of motion--where you are now and your potential--in the spine and at all your peripheral joints. Once these ranges are better inhabited, you can increase the load to build more strength. Many clients have described working on the machine as therapeutic; however it can also be athletic, sports-specific, and aerobic. GYROTONIC sessions are mostly given in one-on-one sessions.

GYROKINESIS® classes are the non-equipment source from which the Gyrotonic Expansion System began. Focusing on fluid, dynamic movements and coordinated breathing, the movements are accessible to anyone. Students leave each class feeling like they had a self-massage and with more energy. Format 1 classes begin seated on a stool exploring motions of the spine in all planes with synchronized breathing patterns, coordinate the spine with movements of the limbs, continue with progressions to the floor and/or standing. Additional formats build on this foundation, with more advanced sequencing, floor and standing work. This class is live-streamed weekly and rental recordings are available for self-practice.

"How could I have known, as I was searching for a master trainer to be able to complete my Gyrotonic apprenticeship that I would find, what would become, a  guiding light for the majority of my subsequent professional development. Dominika has been that guiding light.

As we all know, our initial certifications in any body of work, especially Gyrotonic, is only the beginning. Our success and mastery of the work comes from years of additional trainings, practice, discussions and mentorship. I have been the recipient of extraordinary trainings, inspired practice and wise mentorship. Each and every Gyrotonic update has been exactly what I needed to understand the work better and then know how to communicate with my clients in ways that would be meaningful to them. Dominika is truly a master teacher and mentor.

I trust Dominika. She knows me, my work and my studio. I have been able to invest in trainings and professional development with confidence.  I know I am investing in educational pursuits that fit with who I am and my work.

Through her mentorship I have had the unique privilege of accessing resources, other Master trainers and other institutions that I would not have found on my own. Dominika generously shares her work and her resources. Dominika is brilliant at blending the wisdoms and practices from one body of work into another.

I admire Dominika's teaching style and methods. I completely and thoroughly enjoy being a student in Dominika’s trainings. I experience both support and challenge and as result, I experience growth. I observe her as she is teaching for both what she is teaching, but also how she is teaching. Dominika is a master at the art of teaching." ~ Lottie

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