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Live & Virtual 1-on-1 Coaching

  • Uniquely personalized sessions
  • Active participation in your own health
  • 20+ years of movement coaching experience

What will we do? It depends: on your history, where you are now, what are your current symptoms, what are your goals. You may come to me with something very specific or simple curiosity. 

I love helping people find better movement. I enjoy sharing my experiences and knowledge, encouraging those with whom I work to take ownership of their body. It gives me incredible pleasure to find verbal cues, literal and metaphoric, that resonate and allow for new pathways to open. If we are together in person and it's appropriate, a gentle direction of touch gives sensory input and support. And finally, I truly want you to walk away from a session with me with a little curiosity about what we discovered and, even more importantly, joy in your being.

For someone with a lot of movement experience, a one-time session can be enough for a month or more of self-exploration. For those who need more support, we can meet weekly.

It's your body; it's your journey. Let me be your guide.

“Am I a falcon, a storm, or a great song?” – Rilke

"Once I began to study with Dominika, I felt I was moving around my center in large circles, inhabiting the neurology and physiology, the open country of my body. Let her teach you! All of it! She will guide you into the deep ecology of your mind and body through spirals, DNA, tetrahedrons… our support of life that only goes soft in death.”  ~ Melissa Smith, RN.

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