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Dominika Coaches Movement was created by Master Teacher Dominika Borovansky Gaines to share movement with all those who are seeking ways to improve their health and well-being. Whether you are someone who is experiencing the vagaries of aging, have struggled to find exercise that you enjoy or are a highly skilled athlete who needs a tune-up, I am here to assist you. It is my life's calling to share the joy of movement and its healing capabilities with all those who desire it.

What will you gain?

Improved Mobility

A dynamic body has a balance of strength AND flexibility: mobility is your ability to move with ease in all ranges of motion. Improving your mobility will allow you to continue to move the way you want and need, whether it’s to keep up with your kids or grandkids, play the sports you love without injury, or simply get up from the floor with ease.

Less Pain

Finding a balance in the body comes not only from physical strength and mobility but from the higher functions of the brain, especially vision, vestibular and insular cortex training. Through the power of neuroplasticity, we will work together to improve these vital functions, and reduce (or eliminate) your chronic pain.

Reclaim Your Body

Aging can be a challenging process--especially in a culture that reveres youth--and chronic pain is exhausting. You may lose trust in your body. By working in ways that engage curiosity, we'll collaborate to help you to feel better, rediscover joy, and reclaim your innate elegance.

What will you experience?


Contact Me

Dominika Coaches Movement

4144 N 44th Street Unit 4 Phoenix AZ 85018

“After both knee replacements, Dominika’s Gyrotonic work with me was better than physical therapy!  We worked on my whole body functioning with my new straight legs and new knees.  Physical therapy really only cares about the knee functioning whereas Dominika is able to coordinate how they integrate with the rest of the body.” ~ Betsy

"Dominika’s floor barre class has been an integral part of my life for almost 25 years. Dominika’s experience and expert instruction and intuition are a constant source of wonder. Her approach to the unique nuances of this class and her acute awareness of the different bodies and minds present are what make floor barre an indispensable part of my health and wellness and that of all of the clients present (the satisfied, collective sighs at the end of each class are a testament to this)." ~ Mary Ann

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